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Pediatric Health Resources
Anticipatory Guidance Resources
Allergy and Asthma
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Healthy Eating, Fitness and Weight Loss
  • The Baby Book - Dr. Sears
  • The Discipline Book - Dr. Sears
    ​The New Strong Willed Child - Dr. James Dobson
  • Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child - Zand
  • Incredible Edible Gluten-Free Food - Sanderson
  • The Care & Keeping of You 1 & 2 - American Girl 
Recommended Reading
Down Syndrome

Ear, Nose & Throat
​Dr. Roy - ENT Specialists
Dr. Maddern - hearing eval, auditory process testing​

​​Pediatric Dentist
Dr. Cochran & Setzer - Baymeadows
Dr. Ross Fishman - PV
Dr. Alvarez
Dr. Zahedi​​​​
Greenberg Dental - accepts Medicaid
South Jax Dental - accepts Medicaid, 1722 University Blvd. 904.253.1240​​

Pediatric Dermatology
Dr. Kwong

Dr. Dawn Duss - new office in PV, pediatrics only
Dr. Horning - A1A Family Eyecare​​​​​​​​ - vision care, vision therapy

Dr. Prabu, Katz & Joshi - Family Allergy & Asthma Consultants
Dr. Swami - First Coast Allergy & Asthma

UF Pediatric Cardiology
Dr. Joyce - Jax Pediatric and Adult Cardiology

Mental Health
Dr. Ed Taylor - The Learning Specialists, IQ & gifted testing, reading
Dr. Sisbaro​ - ADHD, dyslexia, learning disabilities, autism, gifted testing
Dr. Childers - UF autism screening​
Ashley Beech Mavrantzas - counseling, 904.994.8551, Perimeter Park
Michael Womack - counseling, 904.339.5056, Neptune Beach
Ross Mcdonough - counseling, Neptune Beach, 904.240.5455
Laura Carper
- Beaches, 904.246.0441​​
Child Guidance
Marsh Landing Behavioral​ -Dr. Tomoski, Martin
​Dr. Luis. Quinones - San Jose, 904.886.0361
Rebecca Farinas​ psychiatrist

Early Steps - birth to 35mo developmental screening
Child Find - >36mo developmental delay screening
Dana Merritt - communication and auditory
Brooks Rehab - peds OT, PT, speech, vision therapy
Atlantic Speech Therapy - PT, OT, speech, nutrition therapy
Coastal Therapy & Learning -
PT, OT, speech, reading​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​, dyslexia, feeding aversions

Byotrol sanitizer/disinfectant (for sports equipment​​​, home) Matt Griffin 731.336.4419